Freelance Translator (JA-EN, EN-JA, EN-KO, EN-ZH)

Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan | Content team | Allows remote


At FunkyCorp, we love working with talented linguists whose ability to compose written work rivals their translation skills.

We are looking for language experts passionate about Japan to contribute to meaningful localization projects that help promote the country as a leading tourist destination.

You will work closely with our flexible, friendly and uber-international Content Team on a variety of tourism-related translation projects covering the boozy backstreets of Shinjuku to the rugged wilderness of northern Hokkaido.

You’ll need at least two years of professional translation experience, a background in translating and proofreading for tourism content and some knowledge of Japan and its culture.

What we value in our translators:

  • Linguistic prowess—an impeccable understanding of your specialist source language and its nuances and intricacies
  • Attention to detail—a keen eye for analyzing a source text and maintaining consistency in a translation
  • Independent learningan ability to conduct background reading to enhance subject knowledge and ensure contextual understanding for an accurate and natural translation
  • Written skills—an ability to produce compelling and engaging translations that remain faithful to their source text while reading naturally
  • Professionalism—responsible, reliable and meets deadlines

The language pairs:

  • JAEN
  • EN-JA
  • EN-KO
  • EN-ZH (Traditional)
  • EN-ZH (Simplified)